I live in Brattleboro Vermont with my girlfriend Sarah Rice and our dog Jezebel. A small house on a dead end street is where I spend my time when not working on motorcycles or taking photos for people.

I look at photography as a hobby where I can earn some extra cash doing something I love. I shoot with the Sony Alpha Series cameras, specifically the Sony a7r II, and my back up camera the Sony a7r. These are two high-end mirrorless cameras that produce the best and most beautiful results.

Although I have been taking pictures since I was a teenager (mostly black and white with the development process happening in a dark room), I have just recently re-discovered the photography game while acquiring my current camera gear during the past few years.

My full time job, owning and operating a small motorcycle building and repair shop (Vintage Steele), has allowed me to explore and learn about taking photos everyday. Understanding the importance of high quality imagery when marketing my business has helped me grow my business more than I could have imagined. Investing in high quality photography gear has been one of the most fun, exciting, and important choices of my career.

Please feel free to reach out if you would like me to shoot your next project. You can either email me at or click the "contact" button at the top of this website. We can discuss compensation and ideas. I am able shoot a wide variety of subjects and what I get most excited about are the projects you're excited about.

The photos on this page was taken by my friend Ezra Distler for the Brattleboro Faces Project.